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(413) 650-6217

Western MA DJ Services offers you a creative way to personalize your next wedding and amaze your guests by adding a high quality “name in lights” custom gobo projection onto the dance floor or wall.  A “gobo” short for goes between lamp and lens, is a small round custom made disc used to project names, initials, monograms, images or any pattern onto the floor wall or even ceiling.  We use a super high quality HID gobo projector that can display your name in lights or custom design in high definition even in a lighted area. Our projector also features an oscillating head that rotates the display to ensure guests sitting around the dance floor can read the names. There is no better way to stand out then by projecting your name in lights, this is a creative addition that is sure to leave your guests amazed. Call today to add this luxurious but affordable effect to your next event!

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Name in Lights

Custom Gobo “Name in Lights” design

Our super high quality projector creates a sharp image even in a lighted space

Combine our DJ Lighting, Uplighting and “Name in Lights” for an amazing effect